Consulting and Agency Services

Professional Education Consulting and Coaching

ESL in Canada provides admission services and agency services for excellent schools, teachers and private classes in Canada, the USA and some international locations.

ESL in Canada is the only agency in Canada that inspects the ESL English schools, curriculum, programs, books, learning resources, and interviews teachers and school directors to rank the suitability of school programs for students.

ESL in Canada has professional Educational Consultants and Coaches for ESL students. Professional services are for students that require more detailed assistance matching the personality, qualities, abilities and aspirations of students into specific programs where they can excel and prosper.

Professional services for students includes orientation, consulting, specialty placements, university admission assistance, academic and career consulting services, academic coaching and mentoring.

ESL in Canada will provide guided school tours, including interviews with teaching staff and program directors to assist students choose the correct study programs and choose the correct school between the top 3 or 4 schools.

Use the registration form and tell us your goals and preferences

ESL in Canada helps students find the best schools, professional education programs, qualified teachers and fair prices.

Admission and registration assistance with Canada School programs include:

Canada University Graduate Programs
Canada University Undergraduate Programs
Canada Community College Programs
Canada Private Colleges
Canada Public High School Programs
Canada Private High Schools
Canada Public Elementary Programs
Canada Private Elementary Schools
Canada Private English Language Schools
Canada Private ESL English Language Teachers
Canada Private Business English Language Training
Canada Private Business Skills Training
Canada Private Career Training
Canada Private Vocational Training
Canada Internship Training Programs
Canada TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Test Preparation Programs
Canada visitor, student, work visas applications
Canada school discounts, school specials, school promotions

I want the best school in Canada – RegistrationForm

Education Coaches and Mentors

Coaching and mentoring are old professions. Soldiers, artists and athletes have traditionally used teachers to learn skills, coaches to apply those skills and mentors to keep life progressing in balance with history and experience.

Modern teachers, coaches and mentors synthesize the best skills and practices for use in business, leadership training, academics, life styles, exercise, health and nutrition and finance to benefit students, individuals, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Team work between the student and teacher, coach or mentor usually starts with a skills and ability review, progresses into a plan and results in a goal achieved.

Modern teachers, coaches and mentors can help their students improve their skills, save time, avoid mistakes, live more satisfying lives and achieve goals.

ESL in Canada will be expanding the list of skill sets for tutors, teachers, coaches and mentors. We will be featuring these professionals in the new networking lists.

International Agent Support Services

International agents and education consultants distribute Canada school information, Canada information, provide visa assistance, education consulting, assistance with registration forms, payments, translations, air travel and settlement procedures.

ESL in Canada agent support services includes English language level testing, school inspections, homestay inspections, internship placements, school tours, product and service evaluations for internationally located agents.

ESL in Canada Agent support services can help your students get the best Canadian education.

Link to additional Business Services for Educators Information

ESL Teacher Recruiting Services for International Schools

ESL in Canada will recruit teachers for quality international ESL English schools. ESL in Canada can provide a representative office to organize teacher recruiting, job advertisements, teacher interviews and provide travel and visa information.


4 Responses to Consulting and Agency Services

  1. jose mathew says:

    sir, i have finished my three year electronics and communication course in kerala, india after 10th.i would like to do my b tech in canada. is it possible?

    It is possible

    You have to submit your 3yr program info to have it evaluated – to see if you have enough pre-requisites for the btech program

    ESL in Canada

  2. Patrice says:

    Thank you for some other excellent article. I have a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such info.

  3. Dublin says:

    I was recommended this website through my cousin.

    You’re wonderful! Thank you!

  4. sonali says:

    sir I am a student
    i would want to study in canada in college after 10th
    how can you help me , please let me know

    Just email us – or use our info request form

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