About Us

What do you do?

We act as education consultants, provide teaching, training and classes.

How do you work?

We interview our clients first.

What is the purpose of the client interview?

We determine several initial facts and create a plan for the client.

First Fact – What role are we playing teacher or consultant?

Second Fact – Can we help the client or should we pass the client to another education consulting service provider.

Third Fact – Can we provide the best classes for the client or should we pass the students onto another school.

What is the difference between  education  consulting and simple agency services?

As consultants we charge for the information we provide. As teachers we charge for the training that we provide.


As consultants we have to keep our clients best interests as the number one priority. ESL in Canada has professional Educational Consultants and Coaches for ESL students, academic students, career training students, adults and employees seeking specialty training. Professional services are for students that require more detailed assistance matching the personality, qualities, abilities and aspirations of students into specific programs where they can excel and prosper.

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