Canada Ranks Very High With Mercers Report

Mercer conducts the ranking to help governments and multi-national companies compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments.

The 2010 rankings also identifies the cities with the best eco-ranking based on water availability and drinkability, waste removal, quality of sewage systems, air pollution and traffic congestion. Calgary is at the top of this index (score 145.7), followed by Honolulu in second place (score 145.1) and Ottawa and Helsinki in joint third (score 139.9).

Canadian cities still dominate the top of the index for the Americas region with Vancouver (4) retaining the top spot, followed by Ottawa (14), Toronto (16) and Montreal (21). Calgary ranks 28 on the overall quality of living ranking.

Link to the full report:

Top 5 cities worldwide

Top 5 cities: Quality of living ranking Top 5 cities: Eco-city ranking
  • Vienna, Austria (1st)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (2nd)
  • Geneva, Switzerland (3rd)
  • Vancouver, Canada (tied 4th)
  • Auckland, New Zealand (tied 4th)
  • Calgary, Canada (1st)
  • Honolulu, United States (2nd)
  • Ottawa, Canada (tied 3rd)
  • Helsinki, Finland (tied 3rd)
  • Wellington, New Zealand (5th)

Top 5 cities by region

Quality of living ranking

Americas Asia Pacific Europe Middle East & Africa
  • Vancouver (4th)
  • Ottawa (14th)
  • Toronto (16th)
  • Montreal (21st)
  • Calgary (28th)
  • Auckland (4th)
  • Sydney (10th)
  • Wellington (12th)
  • Melbourne (18th)
  • Perth (21st)
  • Vienna (1st)
  • Zurich (2nd
  • Geneva (3rd)
  • Dusseldorf (6th)
  • Frankfurt (tied 7th)
  • Munich (tied 7th)
  • Dubai (75th)
  • Port Louis (82nd)
  • Abu Dhabi (83rd)
  • Cape Town (86th)
  • Tunis (94th)

Eco-city ranking

Americas Asia Pacific Europe Middle East & Africa
  • Calgary (1st)
  • Honolulu (2nd)
  • Ottawa (3rd)
  • Minneapolis (6th)
  • Vancouver (tied 13th)
  • Montreal (tied 13th)
  • Wellington (5th)
  • Adelaide (7th)
  • Kobe (9th)
  • Perth (12th)
  • Auckland (13th)
  • Helsinki (3rd)
  • Copenhagen (8th)
  • Oslo (tied 9th)
  • Stockholm (tied 9th)
  • Nurnberg (tied 13th)
  • Bern (tied 13th)
  • Cape Town (30th)
  • Victoria (38th)
  • Muscat (48th)
  • Johannesburg (54th)
  • Abu Dhabi (tied 65th)
  • Dubai (tied 65th)

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