Welcome to Canada to Study and Tour

Canada is a wonderful country for the long time citizens and the short term visitors who tour, study, vacation, live and work in this open modern democratic society.

Canada is the world leader in humanitarian peace keeping, medical and logistical aid to the entire world in times of need. Most of the countries around the world trust Canada in times of need to provide medical and emergency rescue services.

Canada ranks first among the G20 countries in providing equal opportunities for immigrants of any ethnic or religious background. Canada is the world leader with immigration laws to assist the hiring of professional foreign labour and seasonal workers.

Canada also has one of the world’s most multilingual societies. Canadians identify over 220 languages as their mother tongues. In a recent quality-of-life ranking of 215 world cities by Mercer Human Resources Consulting, five Canadian cities ranked among the top 25. Using the United nations rankings Canada has had at least 2 cities in the top 10 since 1994.

Canada has the best overall quality of life among all of the G-20 countries for newcomers.

There are several exciting culture, language and travel exchange opportunities available for international English students and teachers to see real natural Canadian wilderness and study in a living classroom. Canadians have preserved their natural environment with 42 national parks and national park reserves. Some Canadian Parks have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each Canadian province and territory has designated provincial parks, wilderness areas, ecological and nature reserves. There are over 2000 of these Federal and provincial designated parks and sites across Canada.

Canada is a highly favoured study abroad location for English, academic studies and career training. We have several ESL in Canada World Country pages with Canada overseas embassy, trade mission, and visa office information to assist teachers and students interested in traveling to Canada to study.

We want you to travel to Canada to study and live in our safe, calm and peaceful society.

If you would like specific information please go to: http://www.eslincanada.com/allcountries.html

for additional information.


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Teacher and Writer 3 years of public school teaching 5 years of community college teaching 21 years of adult education and skills teaching 18 years as webmaster and consumer education writer many years of travel and life experiences
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One Response to Welcome to Canada to Study and Tour


    want to do pilot training at seneca college toronto ..need help in visa processing


    Seneca should help you directly with your visa – they are the sponsoring school

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